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Below we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions:



Q: What are your qualifications?

A: Shane is a qualified glazier and beveller, he has over 26 years' experience in the glass industry.



Q: Do you have a police clearance?

A: Yes Shane has a current Police clearance.



Q: Could I put a pet door in a glass door?

A: Yes, however, it needs to be toughened glass. We need to re-order the glass and come back to install with the pet door. Toughened glass cannot be cut.



Q: How come a few years ago, I could just have a pet door cut into my own glass?

A: Due to the Australian Glass Standards changing, we have to replace any glass in doors, lowlite windows, or next to doors with toughened glass, even if it doesn't currently have it.



Q: I am having my pet door put into a glass door that has to be replaced, can I keep my piece of glass, and what do you do with it?

A: We normally dispose of the glass for our customers' convenience, however, if you would like to keep the glass please let us know.  We are able to reglaze your old glass at a later stage if you wish.



Q: How long does it take to install a security type pet door, and do you need to take my door away?

A: The install is done on-site and we don't even need to remove your door.  Install will take up to one hour, we just need to know the colour of your door so we can match the pet door to your security door.



Q: For the security door, Is the mesh woven or punched?

A: Mesh is woven not punched . Vision is clear both ways with no privacy .



Q: Is my pet door covered under a warranty?

A: Yes they do. Not all damage is covered so please enquire with us if you have any questions.



Sureflap have a three-year warranty. Register your purchase at - you'll also go into the draw to win your purchase price back from them!



All the rest have a one-year warranty and are only a faulty product warranty. If your animal is the cause of the damage this will not be covered.



Q: If we change our minds, are you able to remove and restore the door?

A: Yes, for an additional fee we can come back and reglaze your glass, or make a new security grill door for you.



Q: What do you do with the glass that was there before the pet door?

A: Unless you require it, we simply take it away and dispose of it - this is included in the price of the job.



Q: Why does the glass type cost so much?

A: As the glass panel has to be re-ordered and made into a toughened glass, we cannot simply cut a hole into it.



Q: What sizes do the pet doors come in?

A: We have various pet doors for the smallest cat right up to 100kg dogs. All you need to do is decide which material it will be installed into (wood, timber or glass) and click on that section within the 'Our Services' tab on the website.



Q: Do the pet doors come with their own lock?

A: Yes the doors do come with their own lock, but none are guaranteed 100% to keep out unwanted animals or people.



Q: Is there anything else I do to make my house more secure?

A: We recommend you to have an internal deadlock installed, especially if you are having a large pet door put into a room, like a laundry door.



Q: How long does it take to install?

A: To have a glass door installed it will take 5 - 10 working days from day of measure. During our busy times it could take up to 15 days.  Custom-made doors take between 10 - 15 working days.



Q: Size suitable for pet?

A: Please refer to the 'Our Services' tab on our website for measurements of each door.  We recomend drawing it on some cardboard, and cutting it out to see if your pet will fit in it.



Q: Why isn't there microchip pet doors for dogs?

A: Because the microchip is deeper in the skin its too far away for the microchip to be picked up.



Q: Is there a way to lock it so the animal can’t use it

A: Yes, most of the doors have internal locks on them, so you can lock the pet out, or in.



Q: I want it to blend in – not be unsightly

A: We have a range of sizes, shapes and colours to best suit your taste and budget.



Q: How do the SureFlap microchip cat flaps work?

A: Please watch the video link below.



Q: Do you a style that would preclude kids trying to use it

A: This depends on the size of your pet.  If you require a large pet door we cannot change the size of it, so small people can fit through it.  We do, however, recommend you have an internal deadlock put on your laundry door - we can do this also for an additional cost.



Q: When can it be done?

A: Depending on how busy we are, we generally just need a few days notice, but can quote over email.  All we need to know is the type of door you require, where it is going to be installed (ie: wooden door, laundry full-size panel etc), suburb, and pet size.


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